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“In 2011 UNESCO officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the world. Nowadays Latvian musical environment offers a wide range of possibilities for developing a high quality product and bringing it to the world market. There are many high level jazz genre professionals and enthusiasts, jazz community is evolving. The aim of the International Jazz Day Latvia is to show the rich variety and colors of the genre in the country as well as give the country and musicians an opportunity to become a part of the international jazz movement.

In 2019 the Jazz Day in Latvia will be held for the sixth time already, and this proves that the traditions of the celebration are being preserved. The day is widely recognized by musicians and listeners, as well as many other Latvians and foreign guests.

The Jazz Day is brought to Latvia by Wise Music Society, an association that helps audience discover new music, promising that it’s WISE or really good, and helps bands to discover new audience. These are enthusiasts who have education, experience and knowledge of jazz as well as a wish to achieve goals, making short-term and long-term investment in Latvian jazz music. In 2013—2018 Wise Music Society has successfully organized many music events, as well as founded the first digital magazine on Latvian jazz”