JazzDay Latvia « Starptautiskā džeza diena Latvijā
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28.04 Jazz word Jazz club “Trompete” Peldu str. 24
Educational seminar for musicians in collaboration with LaIPA “Parunāsim #parmuziku!”

Klausies. Слушай. Listen.spoken jazz word & jam session
29.04 Jazz Concert hall Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, Great hall K.Barona str. 1
Jazzatomy with a program “Colors of Summer” and Rob Duguay (USA), entrance from 18.30


30.04 Jazz Master Jam 9.vilnis Kungu str. 8

Jazz Master Jam with Rob DuguayToms Rudzinskis


01.05 Jazz Afterparty Jazz Club “Trompete” Peldu str.24
30.04 Jazz tv RīgaTV 24 Blaumaņa str.32
jazz grands HAPPY DAYS & NIGHTS Martas str.10


The idea of organising Jazz Day in Latvia is a very bright idea, because we should consider that there exists such an international day with a goal to bring attention to this genre in the whole world.

It’s positive that this day was attended by many people who do not listen to jazz every day, and they got to listen to a wide spectrum of Latvian musicians.

Everyone who considers himself a part of jazz family should celebrate this day altogether – the idea should be led on!

— Inga Berzina

Jazz singer and teacher

I am happy that there are people who have done such a great job to organize the Jazz Day in the country.

Being musicians, we are more than happy to see that our concerts were attended.

— Karlis Vanags

Latvian Radio Bigband conductor, City Jazz Big Band conductor, musician, composer

We can see that jazz Latvia has been growing and developing and jazz events bring the sense of collegiality and good atmosphere.

It’s positive that many people took part and celebrated the day, it was a reason to found many new projects.

I can praise the organisers’ initiative to aim on the local musicians, who nowadays lack qualitative management.

— Indrikis Veitners

Jazz musician, Head of Jazeps Vitols Latvian Music academy jazz department, researcher