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April 30th, 2014Restorāns Dārzs, SpīķeriMaskavas iela 4
1:00Nikulinfunky beat


Nikulin’s real name is Nikita Viderker, a dj from the wind city Liepaja. In 2005 he created a union of Liepaja’s artists and started organizing electronic music parties. During 4 years time they have played at the largest Latvian clubs and parties. In 2009 he organized his first «Bunker» project, where in 6 months, participated most of the well known latvian artists and djs. Nikulin takes active action in most of Riga city parties. Since 2010 he’s also an offcial resident of Kazantip in club Essential. Moreover, he played at the Kazantip party itself. Pulling such styles as true house/deep/tech house, back in 2008 he started organizing beach electronic music events, called «Shine Cafe». In 4 years these events have grown to a biggest summer music festival in Latvia, offering more than 5 stages and 78 international artists and djs. In 2012 Nikulin has joined the Platz Fur Tanz team.

DJ Nikulin