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30. аprīlis 2014Cita Puse11. Novembra krastmala 35
21:00Jāņa Ruņģa Klātbūtnejazz, psychedelic, rock


“Jāņa Ruņģa Klātbūtne” is a project that now unites 3 professional musicians from Latvia: Jānis Ruņģis, Reinis Ozoliņš and Rūdolfs Dankfelds. This projects music cannot be evaluated in one certain aspect, because it’s biggest influence is jazz that consists of many other music genres and styles. The repertoire consists mostly of J.Ruņģa original music and popular jazz themes, from compositions that come to us from an world of classical music. It is a musical synthesis of the world, what happens there, what tendencies there are, reflection of one’s individuality. It is always an intimate and exclusive event, because the compositions are mostly made of improvisation and that’s why what happens at the spot in unique and unrepeatable.

Jāņa Ruņģa Klātbūtne